Fill The Bag Sale

So Glad You Could Join Us For The Biggest Clearance Ever in KJB History!!! This sale is a little crazy so PLEASE read all the rules and important info below! We have worked very hard to make sure it runs as smooth as possible for everyone :-) 

1. Both Buildings Will Be Open For Shopping. You can shop both buildings. Checkout is ONLY in the storefront. 

2. When crossing the street from the Online building to the storefront please be careful. Also DO NOT head anywhere except to the storefront. If you need something from your vehicle make sure to leave your bag with the Police Officer on duty. If a tote bag is seen wandering anywhere except directly to the store front the officer will have to assume that the items are being stolen & we don't want that to happen. If your items are not in a PURPLE bag they are considered unpaid for.

3. ONLINE BUILDING:  All items are $10 or less. Pricing is noted by signs. There is no further discounts on the online prices. What the sign says is the final & lowest price. There is a rack for each size & the cubes are small to XL (top to bottom) 

4. STOREFRONT: All items that you can fit in your bag will be 50% Off!   There are a few exclusions which are noted with signs. Exclusions: Fall new arrivals that are on both walls, Jewelry, County Line Hats & Tshirts. Lotus Garden (But it is 20% Off) & select fall shoes. Everything is Clearly noted with signs that is not included in the clearance. All clothing in the center of the store is all 50% off. Tons of shoes are also 50% off. 

5. CHECKOUT: When you are ready to checkout head to the WHITE TABLE in the storefront in the small side of our store. They will dump your bag, count up what you have and place it in a different bag. Once your items have been counted & you've been given your black mesh bag you may not add anything further to your bag. Then Proceed to the normal checkout desk to pay. 

6. VERY IMPORTANT: EVERYTHING AT THIS SALE IS FINAL SALE. NO RETURNS. NO EXCEPTIONS. So make sure to inspect your items and make sure they fit before paying.

7. No Loyalty Points will be given at this sale due to the super low prices & points can not be redeemed. Gift cards & store credits can be used as always 

8. When possible please throw hangers in the provided boxes. If you don't see one leave the hangers right on the rack and we will get them.

9. Please do not do returns tonight at checkout. We want everything to move as quick as possible for all our customers. If you have a return. Please find Lorie Beth before the sale or during the sale to handle that.